Fish Meal --BACRE Groupe in corporation with Atlantic Seafood Sarl.

 Factoring -- BACRE is not longer offer any factoringservice in Sweden.






  • In September our second line will be started in our new factory. The intake of fish will now be about 500 M/T per day to the Nouadhibou factory.


  • In June 2013 we will start the new factory in Nouadhibou. The prouction of fish meal will be about 60 M/T and fish oli about 10 M/T, per day.          


  • Fish meal.                                     Fish meal in Northern Europe is Bacres latest activities.         Bacre-trading are in contact with the best fish food producers in the industry  to see if they have interest in fishmeal from West-Africa. This group of customers can see good possibilities in finding suppliers in the mention area.


  • According to IFFO:s latest news, it is a big risk that there will be a waste of fish emeal on the market in the end of year 2013.


  • Bacre-trading Ltd starts to marking frozen solefilet in Benelux, by the Dutch company Winter & Winter BV. 


  • Bacre-trading Ltd has now delivered fresh fish from Dakar in Senegal to Norway every week under the winter season. The result is, that we have very satisfied customer but the profit is not the best due to very high flight costs.


  • Bacre-trading Ltd, has in September made investment in a new line for cutting and making consumer packed fishfilet for mainly the Swedish market.


  • Bacr-finance Ltd has made a new agreement about  international bank-cooperation with Loyal Bank Ltd.                        Bacr-finance Ltd. can now open up new bank accout with connected kreditcards for people in Europe.


  • Bacre trading has made a new contract with a Somalian fish meals factory. The factory is newly built and the production is controlled by Swedish people from UN.


  • Mayor fishes Ltd. in Turkey is the first customer who is buying fish meal from the Somalian factory.


  • Finally, we have every needed paper for the export of fish meal from Mauritania to all EU-Countries.


  • You are very welcome with your inquiry, we have highest  quality and very good prices of fish meal.






Welcome To Us

BACRE Limited is an UK based company with two main business lines.

Bacre-finance Limited and Bacre-trading Limited.

Bacre-finance Ltd. is mainly a factoring and credit company. Bacre-finance buy invoices and give shorter loans and guaranties to smaller and quick growing companies.             

Bacre-finance Ltd also assists customers with opening international bank accounts. 

Bacre-trading Ltd. deals with fishmeal and frozen fish. supplied from West Africa. Bacr-tradings fish customers are located  in middle and Nrothern Europe and most fishmeal customers are located in China.

BACRE Ltd is working with this two business lines and are handling all the financial and administration tasks.


Visit YouTube and watch our short film from the fishing and fish meal production.




Head office: 

2nd floor, Lynton House, 7-12 Tavistock Square 
London WC1H9BQ United Kingdom   
Phone and fax +44 207 681 3162.

Canarian office:

Horno del Cal 6
Las Palmas  de GC, 31060 Spain,   
Phone and fax +34 928 284892. 
                             +34 671253337

Northern Europe office:

 Mjölnerbacken 15                                                                   17448 SUNDBYBERG                                                         SWEDEN                                                                              Phone: +46 73 5010002

Mauritanian office:

El Chaire Cyber App.2
11212  Nouadhibou, Mauritania 
Lasse Larsson      mob.+222 48058977                                      Conny Jakobsson mob +222 47770045


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Staff in Spain and Mauritania:

Lasse Larsson, CEO, sales and the safe economical questions. Works in Las Palmas sales office.

Renata Larsson, partner, administration and sales to Russia. Works in Las Palmas sales office.

Conny Jakobsson, partner, logistics and quality. Conny is solving all types of problem and he is also taking part in production. Conny is the man on the spot in Mauritania.

John Roseler, Sales manager for the South Europe markets. Works in Las Palmas sales office


Through us you are safe in dealing with Africa.


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